Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Frozen Pizza

i love frozen pizza.i like it more than the fresh kind.i just love pizza period though....bagel pizza,fresh pizza,homemade pizza,organic pizza,frozen pizza!!!!

tonight we had frozen pizza from culinary circle and it tasted really good and my gramma and my brother were going on and on about how disgusting the pizza was,how the pepperonis were "just not meant to be called pepperonis"and how they would eat something else if there was something else besides pizza.i just wanted to scream "SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!"but i can't talk that way to my gramma.she's such a picky eater that it's aggravating.she won't eat salsa because it's too spicy and she won't eat frozen pizza and she thinks it's dumb that i'm a vegetarian even though i don't really care what she thinks but she's always rolls her eyes when my mom says and no meatballs for Mickey and it's just really rude and i know she's an older person but still!and after she was done eating the pizza she was like "well,that sucked"even though she ate 4 pieces of it.

sorry about me venting,i just had to get that out.

i was texting my friend and she said she was on Google searching for a penpal.crazy right?but i decided to do it and i found a penoal from awesome is that?so hopefully i'll be getting mail soon :).

song of the day:Eat It by Weird Al Yankovic

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